Thursday, October 27, 2005

great news !

Devegowda is the chiefguest for
great news ! I cannot contain my happiness !
the International convention on "Terrorism: a growing threat" will be inaugurated by Osama Bin Laden at Tora bora hills next week.

George Bush will be the chief guest for the Global peace seminar in Iraq, next month.

I wonder why India's Premier FOSS Event, does not invite Bill Gates for the key-note address !

$%#@ ! %&#$%@$% !

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

IIPM stinks !

IIPM MBA is not an MBA. Says UGC Chairman.

Also a few boo boos in their site that i could find out.
1) in the IIPM site, the text is about Business Barons' India's Best B-Schools Survey, January 2005- while in the scanned image of the actual report, you can see that it is the 2004 Business Barons' B-Schools study

2) following the link on "ranked 2nd" in the same page, you reach another page. Here again, the text changes to Business Barons' India's Best B-Schools Survey, June 2003 and If you look at the scanned image on the page, below in the footer,if your eye sight is as good as mine, you can read January 2005 !

3) see the text
" Extenuating its spirited campaign 'Dare To Think Beyond the IIMs'.. "
according to, it means "to lessen the seriousness of" its spirited campaign!
I am getting lost here, but what do they mean to say ?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

the dirty politics

Narayanamurthy, expectedly, has resigned from his position at BIAL. What more would the unscrupulous politicians ask for ?
Who is losing ?
Not the politicians-they have nothing to lose
not Narayanamurthy. He has an international reputation. Infy's softwares will not produce any new bugs becos of this.
we lose- We, the people of Bangalore.

When people with limited vision, which does not extend beyond their farmlands have decided to hunt down the committed people, You dont expect much.
Narayanamurthy is no politician, naturally, he will be hurt by a simple comment. And that was the only intention of these people. They aimed for that, and they got it !
I wonder who will have the last laugh.. But for now i know that its the bangalore's people who are crying..
Narayanamurthy is still going the corporate ways, explaining with facts and figures - Which they will never understand.
I suggest Narayanamurthy enter politics. If a sage decides to become a scoundrel, he will be the best scoundrel ever !

Bloggers of bangalore

The members of the "Bloggers of Bangalore" community would like to bring to the attention of the media and society at large, certain unfair and intimidatory actions undertaken by the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) against members of the Indian blogging community... more here.
or see desipundit
to show your support, you can sign an online petition here

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Banned from the internet

I have been thinking for long now.
What to do with these guys who send you this stupid chain letters like "yahoo is closing down" "a little girl of 4 is dieing" "lord of thirumala has send you this mail with luck as attached" etc etc.

There are hundreds of them. I tried
did not help much.
i found this today.
They say
Never send chain letters via electronic mail. Chain letters
are forbidden on the Internet. Your network privileges
will be revoked. Notify your local system administrator
if your ever receive one.
[from ]

Ha ! this is enough to scare them off ! I can send them the link and say that u will be banned from internet if u ever send me a stupid chain letter again !

Saturday, October 08, 2005

O p e n

Did some posters for the The theme used for the posters is open. It deliberately does not say anything about software or computers. Just Open. in any case.

open a can
Open a jacket
Open a door

As in the case of these links, only when its opened you get the full benefit out of it. If it is unopen, it cannot be used to its full extent. The PDF size is a little huge, please excuse.

Terrorist attack on my body !

Finally back.
A few days back a group of terrorist ultramicroscopic infectious agents attacked my system. The militants, supposed to be trained by the terrorist camps across the border, replicated themself within my cells and attacked in all possible ways causing maximum damage to the respiratory system, and the food intake corridoor. The parallel air passage ducts were blocked. The temperature control mechanism of the body was also affected causing the internal temparatues to rise above the normal limits.

An emergency meeting of the command forces were called and a Special force was formed with in my body to fight the infiltrators. I issued war orders and emergency in the state of my body. The Special Force, launched Operation Kiran, and attacked the visitors. After a bloody war invloving some biological weapons, which lasted for almost a week, the visitors were eventually forced out of my body.

Phew ! Let the victory celebrations begin !

Monday, October 03, 2005

back from coorg

Back from a rather boring trip to coorg. we stayed here. here are a few photos. we ended up travelling for the most of the time. which is not my idea of a holiday. we just passed through nisargadhama, dubare and abbey falls.