Friday, June 24, 2005


never born
never died
only visited this
planet earth between
dec 11 1931 - jan 19 1990

Thursday, June 16, 2005

after soooooooooooooo many days

after soooooooooooooo many days i returned home without turning on the headlights. that was a wonderful experience !!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Have any art skills?


Have any art skills? Then you can help us create icons, logos, banners, labels, and more! These will be seen every day and used throughout the project and its products.

If you are interested, consider joining our new Art Project.

Plus... is working closely with the, Inkscape, and TheOpenCD projects to create a free clip art collection for all of the open source projects. By contributing to this gallery you are contributing to too.

Head over to the Openclipart Project's home page to learn how you can help.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Boo ! after a long time !!

After a long gap, I am blogging again. Where were You ? No, i didnt go anywhere, I was here right here in Bangalore. but busy with a lot of things. Racing against time. So manythings happened.
We moved. New place. Good.
My company suddenly decided to revive and constitute a few interest groups- Photography, Painting, Poetry, Film Theater etc.
There is no such stuff in the world, that I am not interested in. :) I wanted to subscribe to all, but due to time restrictions, ended up working with 4. Film, Photography, Painting and Theatre.

In the Film group, Iam making a film. About the company products. There are other two more teams who are doing documentaries, We chose a theme and its kind of a long ad. maybe will run up to 5 mins. I shall put up the script here in sometime. Its going to be screened at our Annual day on jun 11th.

In the Theatre Group, We had a 30 hr training work shop with the theatre capital.
It was a really enriching experience. The trainer taught us with some fierce sincereity. Sibu
has so much passion to theatre. We really had a ball there. It was fun doing the acts. And finally we evolved into a group who can perform a stunning spontaneous play any minute we want. It requires a lot of artistic judgement and courage. I was playing the music. just experimenting with them because i had never used them before. The audience suffered !!

Photography group, iam a resource person, I plan to conduct a photography workshop soon, on "How to take better pictures ?"
marketing tagline will be
"What on earth does it mean ?" to "Great Photo !" in 10 hours !!

When I had nothing better to do and roamed around in the studio, I never knew I would oneday give a talk on this. The knowledge and experience i gained from there is immense. And I plan to buy a better camera soon.

Painting Group, Iam planning to participate in the coming workshops. The first one I missed. :(

So life is pretty hectic and demanding. will be back with more soon.