Sunday, March 04, 2007

jaanapada jaathre

the folklore festival of karnataka tourism

A nice initiative. Jaanapada jaathre is performed at an open air stage at Lalbagh. Different culutal groups from parts of Karnataka present their traditional folk art forms to a mesmerised audience.

I could recognise only Karaga and Dollu kunitha, there where many which i couldnt identify, sadly the compereing was only in kannada.

These traditional art forms are rich in color, rhythm, and abundant with the unpolluted symbols of raw village/forest life. Maybe they are not as sophisticated as yakshagana, but the tribal beats and the pace of the movements are so simple and foot-tapping.

Comparing these art forms with the traditional art forms of kerala would either be foolish or a topic for a doctorate thesis. Here the woman take up the lead, and they are as loud and fierce as males. In most of the dances, females were the main lead artistes while men mostly resorted to the backgound score or to the sidelines.

For the city dwellers of bangalore, who see the world only through their balcony windows, or through the 21 inch rectangle shaped hole in ur drawing room, this is a nice opportunity to admire the heritage of the land.

Jaanapada Jaathre is arranged on saturday and sunday of every second week, I saw it last week, so the next edition will be on march 10-11, 6 pm to 8 pm. Entry is free. Lookout in the newspapers for the listing of the events.

Tip: The stage is near the Kempagowda tower in lalbagh, entry through KH road. Please go early, by 6 it will be really crowded. Secret Tip: If you have a 'big' camera and can sport a serious look- just walk confidently right upto the stage. Chances are no one will stop you.

So what are you doing this weekend ?

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