Sunday, October 17, 2004

travels, drinks and me (old blog)

These are some old blogs that i had posted else were. I moved them over here.


hello world,
life goes on smooth. not much probes. and i normally dont cribb about what's happening around me. iam a happy person at most of the times. its long time that i posted my journal. its becouse the net connection at my office went down. then there was some problems with the network. then i was busy with work. as you would have made out by now, i am just giving excuses... i was just lazy to type.. someone please invent something that will type what iam thinking !! please !!!

i was a little busy with work.but then our marketing person went on leave for her marriage. so now new works came in.. so i ended up stting in my office and listening to music and reading books, drawing painting, and playing games etc. the best part is iam now much better in NFS. i broke my earlier best lap records !

For my one of my friends marriage i went to HYderabad. i loved travelling always. its fun. new people, new place. new language. HYD its big city, and the climate was not that bad. it can be hotter upto 40-43 degrees. OOOOh! thats too hot. i like to be in cold weather.

then i was in chennai for a few days. almost all thios month i was travelling. bangalore got to see only less me !
this weekend too iam going to chennai again. its deepavali. on 24th of this month.

i had stopped drinking for 1 month. on 12th i started drinking again. its nice to drink listening to pankaj udhas ghazals !
kiska kiska gum kareegi door bechari sharab .....

okay that all for now see you guys later...

Back again

Was busy with some work at my site. its almost up now. They dont give me an FTP. If i need an FTP then i have to pay ! Forget it, i'll manually load each and every file.

Life is fine. Pretty hectic. less sleep. more research. more work. I have a pain on mt right wrist.
So i have started using my mouse with my left hand. Its simple, just move you mouse to the left of your keyboard, then swap the keys. I found out that I can work reasonably fast this way too.

one typical week in my life (old)

1.8.2003 //
Posted at 1:24 PM
little busy
i was a little busy in the past few days. the company iam working for is a new and its not so big. but they do have some corporate gaints as clients. i work there as a designer, but some times i will have to handle the photosessions also. i love photography. and iam a not-so-bad photographer. i'll post some of the photographs i have taken in the site soon.

so last few days i had a photo shoot. product photography - of some furniture.

Some of my friends from kerala were here just for a pleasure trip. evenings i was busy with them. all day shoot evenings drinks and party. head will be breaking apart nextday morn when i rush to the office. after bottles of water, by afternoon i will become ok. then same process repeats nextday !

party time, folks !
saturday we went first to a bar here. they play some really nice music-rock/hindi/pop and kind of a mixed stuff. and this bar is very popular. had a few (3 to be precise) shots of was fun.

i dont have enough time to sleepn now a days. earlier i used to sleep the whole night and day ! without complaning ! i dont get enough time to watch movies or even tv.
thats it for now. keep reading !

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Why i hate typewriting classes

i was considering blogging for a while now. Started elsewhere and eventually it had a natural death. then i thought i shall host the blog on my site....mmm i might use my site for other purposes also, like i can ask my potential employer to go check my website to know more about me, you know. So if i blog there, it will be restricted, controlled, censored and very formal. which is not my idea of bloggin.

so, here.
i hope it will not end up half way like almost anything i start, ends naturally.

You know, i joined typewriting classes 3 times. never completed though ! There is nothing as button-hole-boring as type writing classes. that too in the morning hours.

well, i'll tell you
why i hate typewriting classes

1) Newbies, are supposed to use only ancient machines
The one i used was the first one in that institute, which the teacher's father brought from bombaay ! The teacher was around 40 yrs old. his father is above 70. so you can guess the age of the typewriter.
2)tell me, which is your least flexible finger ? if u are a right handed person, obviously it will be the smallest finger on your left hand. and thats the finger you should use to type 'a' ! one of the most used alphabets ! what kind of logic is this ? yeah, i know, the qwerty keyboard that we are using now was invented by some one and this layout reduces the possibility of those metal punches getting stuck. but still, 'a' on the little finger ? defies all the logic !
3) you have to type the same boring asdfgf; lkjhj a hundred thousand times ! why dont they have some interesting passages ?
4) I was too lazy to wakeup in the morn.

you know, all the above except the last one are made up to suppliment the 4th.

so i hope this will not be like that. i need something that will keep track of myself, my take on the happenings around etc etc. How nice it would be if someone could read your mind and update the blogs ?

a few more thoughts on the keyboard layout. why do we still have the 'qwerty' layout ? wouldnt it be nice to have an 'abcdefg' keyboard ? How easy it will be ! Some years before when i was learning to type, i always had this problem of finding sone particular key in the keyboard. like 'd' for eg, where is 'd' ? i had to search all over for the 'd' key. In an 'abcdefg' keyboard, its really easy.
"i cant find my 'd' !"
" 'd' ? its right after 'c' and before 'e' ! "
"oh yeah ! thanks, buddy !"

Guys, keep sendin in your comments.