Saturday, October 08, 2005

Terrorist attack on my body !

Finally back.
A few days back a group of terrorist ultramicroscopic infectious agents attacked my system. The militants, supposed to be trained by the terrorist camps across the border, replicated themself within my cells and attacked in all possible ways causing maximum damage to the respiratory system, and the food intake corridoor. The parallel air passage ducts were blocked. The temperature control mechanism of the body was also affected causing the internal temparatues to rise above the normal limits.

An emergency meeting of the command forces were called and a Special force was formed with in my body to fight the infiltrators. I issued war orders and emergency in the state of my body. The Special Force, launched Operation Kiran, and attacked the visitors. After a bloody war invloving some biological weapons, which lasted for almost a week, the visitors were eventually forced out of my body.

Phew ! Let the victory celebrations begin !


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