Sunday, October 08, 2006

my new cam - Nikon D70s

Finally i have got a nikon D70s ! That was a long pending dream of mine, to buy one. There was some distractions from the other models like canon rebel and sony A100, but Nikon D70s is ultimate. By the way this site and this site have some indepth study and reviews about cameras.

I have had a few digital cameras before, mostly, range finder or SLR-like, but none of them held my interest for more than a few months. I wanted the complete flexibility that a manual SLR cam offered. I never liked when the camera took decisions by its own. When I am taking the photo and I decide how it should be.

Long back I had this Pentax K1000 (manual), I still love that camera, but guys in these photo printing shops make me sick. Again they decide how the printouts should be, and casually say "this is all that u can get from this negative !" Grrrr ! Gimme a darkroom and I will show what I can make out of this negative.

Before becoming bankrupt, I managed to buy a Nikon 18-70 lens, and a UV filter and a camera bag, along with the camera. As soon as I make some money I have to get a few more lenses.

so next time you meet me, remember to smile. You will be shot mercilessly ! :)


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