Tuesday, October 25, 2005

IIPM stinks !

IIPM MBA is not an MBA. Says UGC Chairman.

Also a few boo boos in their site that i could find out.
1) in the IIPM site, the text is about Business Barons' India's Best B-Schools Survey, January 2005- while in the scanned image of the actual report, you can see that it is the 2004 Business Barons' B-Schools study

2) following the link on "ranked 2nd" in the same page, you reach another page. Here again, the text changes to Business Barons' India's Best B-Schools Survey, June 2003 and If you look at the scanned image on the page, below in the footer,if your eye sight is as good as mine, you can read January 2005 !

3) see the text
" Extenuating its spirited campaign 'Dare To Think Beyond the IIMs'.. "
according to dictionary.com, it means "to lessen the seriousness of" its spirited campaign!
I am getting lost here, but what do they mean to say ?


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