Friday, November 26, 2004

apache ticked tomcat

I made a few posters for linux bangalore/2004
you can find them here
and some banners

my project has reached i dunno where. apache kicked tomcat. tomcat still purrs. cant get both of them work together. yea the same old JK2 problem. anyone who has successfully configured apache, tomcat, php and mysql on a linux box is god to me now !

Friday, November 19, 2004

my today's mood

frustrated, angry, down, depressed, sad, sick, mad,sleepy, tired, escapism, non-completion or project, missed deadlines, ignorance, kicking ass, fighting mood, apache kicks tomcat, lack of commitment, perseverance and knowledge, no-nothing-fool, idot, fear of failure, dread, terror, horror, panic, alarm, dismay, melancholic, sorrowful, doleful, alone, foiled attempts,furious, indignant, irate, ireful, wrath, blue, dejected, dispirited, downcast

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What time do you wake up ?

Tell me, what time do you wake up ?
I wake up, 30 mins before i need to go out. If i have to leave home at 7.30 am for the office, i wake up at 7am.
I wake up, when i can’t sleep anymore. On a Sunday, i wake up at 12.30 pm. Why should i wake up if the only plan of my day is to go to a second show of a movie at 9.30 pm?

You know, what is the worst that can happen to a man? It’s living according to a clock.
Many people live by the ticking of the clock.

There was this grand old man, who once gave me some free advice on how to live like a clock.
"Like me, you should wake up by 5 am in the morn."
"Because, it’s the time when your mind and body are very alert and fresh. Your mind would be more receptive, It’s a good time to study."

(NO WAY! I always studied at night. In my whole life i haven’t studied a word by getting up in the morning! I don’t really get up; I just shift my sleep from the bed to the study table.

As I understand, people will be more active at different times of day naturally. Its more evident in the case of infants. They sleep for most of the day time and will be active only for a few hours. Like that all of us have some most-active hours. Rest of the time, we are forcing ourselves to be active because of the necessities.
If you are active in the morning, or cant get a good sleep, suffer yourself, and wake up early. Leave others alone.)

Our Old man continues, "At 9.35 I have my breakfast -And a tea without milk, you know milk is not that good for health."


"Then I walk 20 mins to my office. You know, you should at least walk 40 mins a day."

(Oh so its for exercise, not for saving on an auto or petrol!)

"I reach office at 9.55. I never have any junk food from out side. At 11.00, I will drink a glass of plain water."

(See not a word about his office work. The main work was to find some reason to say no to the file before him. He will say no at the first chance. And drinking plain water means he saved the money for tea/coffee)

"After noon at 12.30 the lunch comes from home. Less salt - less chilly. Half boiled vegetables. I never had non-vegetarian food till now. You know they are not good for your health."

(Boiled vegetables? for lunch? yuck !! His wife's job is much reduced!)

"In my entire life, i haven’t smoked, had drinks or any other bad habits !"


"So what? See Iam healthy and going great at 73!"

Why? Bloody hell, why should you live like this till 73? Who want to live like this till 73 ? What's the use?

I have never seen this guy smiling at anyone. He chases off any one who comes asking for help. But He projects himself as a role model. Advices others to follow his path. Just because he does things in time. Because he eats raw veg for lunch. Because he doesn’t drink. Because he has a glass of plain water at 11. For all the wrong reasons !

I don’t have a clock in my room, and no calendars. I hate the ticking sound of the clock. The sound I hate most is the alarm sound of a timepiece. Krrrrrrrr….krrrrrrrrrrrrr. If I hear that for more than 1 min, I will go mad !

I started wearing a watch sometime back since my job demanded more punctuality. Its not that I don’t use a calendar or clock . I use them when its necessary. I don’t display them prominently on walls, so that when ever you take your eyes off the computer screen to relax, you see the clock ticking and your thoughts go some what like this- the time is passing by- you have got lots of work to do-get back to work.
Only when I want to know the time I take out my watch and check the time. Instead there are people who have big clocks and time pieces around them. The clocks- they constantly try to tell you “Fast ! Fast! The time is up ! “ So if you want to relax, remove that big clock from the wall. How relaxed you will be when you see a clock ticking every second ? Same with calendars. Whenever you watch a calendar, you tend to think of deadlines, project deliveries, your long pending holiday, etc. The clocks are trying to wind you up with their long hands inside the black bordered squares of a calendar.

Coming back to our old man, anything and everything he does is according to the clock. At 6.15 pm he will drink a glass of water. At 7.25 he will sneeze.

Whom are you committed to? Your clock or yourself?

When you live your life, live according to your wishes. You want to sleep till 11? No probes- schedule things accordingly and sleep till 11. You feel like getting wet in rain? Common. Go out and do it!

You know why people fear to go to jail? Its because of this timeliness and schedules.
"All of you should wake up at 6 am."
Why? so that you have a lot of time to think how you ended up behind bars. You will be given 2 rotis at 8 am. just two roties- not one more not one less- work till 12.30- lunch 250 gms of rice, dal . After lunch rest for 10 mins, then return to work - like that everything in your life is scheduled. There are officers appointed to ensure that everything happens at the precise time.

How boring !!
It’s the uncertainties of life that are exciting. if everything is scheduled, how can you claim yourself to be human? you are no better than a robot.

It’s up to you to decide what time you work what time you sleep. I discovered that i loved nights more than days. From then i sleep late wakeup late, If you force yourselves the other way, it will spoil your mood, less productivity, more frustration, etc.-Thats why some companies have flexible timings.

Also, these kinds of people will come programmed from heaven. They might have planned everything in advance. Like when he sees you, this program is loaded into his memory

acquaintance .exe

step 1 : smile
step 2 : walk to him/her faster
step 3: shake hands
step 4: Ask " how are you ?"
step 5: If he asks "how are you?" back to you say "I am fine, thanks"
step 6: ask about his parents/ wife/ kids
step 7: enquire about his work
step 8: Hint that you are a little busy
step 9: say "bye"
step 10: smile and leave

If you see this guy, the next day, The same program gets executed in his head. Every time you see him, the same questions, the same answers. Don’t you get bored? Apparently they don’t. They lack the spontaneity of life. They are soo predictable. they are soooo boring !
To avoid this, and to put these people in fix, the best way is to say something which his program does not expect. Which his algorithm has not planned for.

When they ask you "how are you?", say "better than you!" Bhoom ! The whole program crashes in his memory. He will stammer, he will take some time to load the necessary program to memory. Its fun watching them, when their programs fail!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

meet my browser, firefox

I am using Firefox to browse. Its far better than IE and has many intuitive features. Above all, its open source and Free !
Download Firefox
What is Firefox?Firefox is a free, open-source web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is small and fast and offers many new features likepopup blocking and tabbed browsing. Firefox is based on the Mozilla code, and is one of the moststandards-compliant browsers available. Firefox is available for Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.FeaturesIts Open source and free.Firefox has automatic Popup Blocking. This if fine for stoppingannoying popup ads, but not so good for sites using popup windows in agood way.Tabbed Browsing is a modern and time saving feature. It makes itpossible to view many web pages in one browser window.Google Search with auto complete is built into Firefox's tool bar.Firefox has Improved Security. It is not integrated with the operatingsystem and does not support ActiveX controls, and VBScripts (featuresknown to have security holes).An inbuilt modern Download Manager downloads files in the background tothe desktop.Firefox has Customizable Toolbars, allowing users to add and removeitems as well as create new toolbars.With a Theme Manager users can change the look and feel of Firefox.Firefox keeps itself up-to-date. Smart Update search for updates in thebackground and informs the user about available updates.Go to Firefox Product Page
Download Firefox