Saturday, October 22, 2005

the dirty politics

Narayanamurthy, expectedly, has resigned from his position at BIAL. What more would the unscrupulous politicians ask for ?
Who is losing ?
Not the politicians-they have nothing to lose
not Narayanamurthy. He has an international reputation. Infy's softwares will not produce any new bugs becos of this.
we lose- We, the people of Bangalore.

When people with limited vision, which does not extend beyond their farmlands have decided to hunt down the committed people, You dont expect much.
Narayanamurthy is no politician, naturally, he will be hurt by a simple comment. And that was the only intention of these people. They aimed for that, and they got it !
I wonder who will have the last laugh.. But for now i know that its the bangalore's people who are crying..
Narayanamurthy is still going the corporate ways, explaining with facts and figures - Which they will never understand.
I suggest Narayanamurthy enter politics. If a sage decides to become a scoundrel, he will be the best scoundrel ever !


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