Saturday, October 11, 2003

i dont know what to write. i always have this problem. i had my mind full of ideas and toughts a few minutes before. but when i see a blank notepad, foosh ! my mind goes blank.

same is the case when i feel like drawing also. i have images and concepts in my mind, but it will take some time for me to put that on paper. i can sit looking at the blank white paper for hours !

okay.. i'll give you some gyan about my self.
iam 29 years old, single male from bangalore in india. Iam from the state of kerala(i'll write about kerala soon)

i am a commerce graduate. but, i still dont know which side the debit comes !

After my college days i was working in my uncles photo studio. i learned photography from there. i love photography. then in the evenings i was working as a consultant for a design house. designing brochures, press ads etc.

later on i joined a computer course. the course was of 2 yrs duration.
At the computer course something happened that drastically changed my life. for the first class test i was the class topper ! can you belive that? me ! class topper ! phew !
i never was a class topper before. i always was an average student. there were guys in my school who always were toppers. for the first time i knew how it felt to a class topper !
from them i studied harder- i needed to retain my prestige as a class topper ! the topics included c, c++, vc++, java, oracle, foxpro etc. and i passed out of the institute with the highest mark someone ever scored from that institute. and that record still stands !
from the institute i got placed as a graphic designer in an export firm. the salary was low but still i had a job in an IS0 9002 firm. and i had a big a/c office and great environment there.
so after the course i thought like i could do about an MCA etc...
so i quit my job to join MCA course.

I joined MCA course in bangalore. i did pretty well in MCA cleared all papers with 71% marks.

then the dotcom bubble had burst. bangalore it firms was not hiring people like before. that too for a fresher getting a job was pretty difficult. so i turned back to the work i knew -photography and graphic design. luckily with out much effort i could find myself a job in a design house. today iam working as a graphic design in a design house in bangalore.

that was a small auto biography. i will add more soon. i'll detail my past life first and then addon about my current happenings.