Sunday, October 17, 2004

one typical week in my life (old)

1.8.2003 //
Posted at 1:24 PM
little busy
i was a little busy in the past few days. the company iam working for is a new and its not so big. but they do have some corporate gaints as clients. i work there as a designer, but some times i will have to handle the photosessions also. i love photography. and iam a not-so-bad photographer. i'll post some of the photographs i have taken in the site soon.

so last few days i had a photo shoot. product photography - of some furniture.

Some of my friends from kerala were here just for a pleasure trip. evenings i was busy with them. all day shoot evenings drinks and party. head will be breaking apart nextday morn when i rush to the office. after bottles of water, by afternoon i will become ok. then same process repeats nextday !

party time, folks !
saturday we went first to a bar here. they play some really nice music-rock/hindi/pop and kind of a mixed stuff. and this bar is very popular. had a few (3 to be precise) shots of was fun.

i dont have enough time to sleepn now a days. earlier i used to sleep the whole night and day ! without complaning ! i dont get enough time to watch movies or even tv.
thats it for now. keep reading !


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