Sunday, October 17, 2004

travels, drinks and me (old blog)

These are some old blogs that i had posted else were. I moved them over here.


hello world,
life goes on smooth. not much probes. and i normally dont cribb about what's happening around me. iam a happy person at most of the times. its long time that i posted my journal. its becouse the net connection at my office went down. then there was some problems with the network. then i was busy with work. as you would have made out by now, i am just giving excuses... i was just lazy to type.. someone please invent something that will type what iam thinking !! please !!!

i was a little busy with work.but then our marketing person went on leave for her marriage. so now new works came in.. so i ended up stting in my office and listening to music and reading books, drawing painting, and playing games etc. the best part is iam now much better in NFS. i broke my earlier best lap records !

For my one of my friends marriage i went to HYderabad. i loved travelling always. its fun. new people, new place. new language. HYD its big city, and the climate was not that bad. it can be hotter upto 40-43 degrees. OOOOh! thats too hot. i like to be in cold weather.

then i was in chennai for a few days. almost all thios month i was travelling. bangalore got to see only less me !
this weekend too iam going to chennai again. its deepavali. on 24th of this month.

i had stopped drinking for 1 month. on 12th i started drinking again. its nice to drink listening to pankaj udhas ghazals !
kiska kiska gum kareegi door bechari sharab .....

okay that all for now see you guys later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that ghazal ! Iam tempted to drink just becos of that !

1:46 PM  

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