Friday, June 03, 2005

Boo ! after a long time !!

After a long gap, I am blogging again. Where were You ? No, i didnt go anywhere, I was here right here in Bangalore. but busy with a lot of things. Racing against time. So manythings happened.
We moved. New place. Good.
My company suddenly decided to revive and constitute a few interest groups- Photography, Painting, Poetry, Film Theater etc.
There is no such stuff in the world, that I am not interested in. :) I wanted to subscribe to all, but due to time restrictions, ended up working with 4. Film, Photography, Painting and Theatre.

In the Film group, Iam making a film. About the company products. There are other two more teams who are doing documentaries, We chose a theme and its kind of a long ad. maybe will run up to 5 mins. I shall put up the script here in sometime. Its going to be screened at our Annual day on jun 11th.

In the Theatre Group, We had a 30 hr training work shop with the theatre capital.
It was a really enriching experience. The trainer taught us with some fierce sincereity. Sibu
has so much passion to theatre. We really had a ball there. It was fun doing the acts. And finally we evolved into a group who can perform a stunning spontaneous play any minute we want. It requires a lot of artistic judgement and courage. I was playing the music. just experimenting with them because i had never used them before. The audience suffered !!

Photography group, iam a resource person, I plan to conduct a photography workshop soon, on "How to take better pictures ?"
marketing tagline will be
"What on earth does it mean ?" to "Great Photo !" in 10 hours !!

When I had nothing better to do and roamed around in the studio, I never knew I would oneday give a talk on this. The knowledge and experience i gained from there is immense. And I plan to buy a better camera soon.

Painting Group, Iam planning to participate in the coming workshops. The first one I missed. :(

So life is pretty hectic and demanding. will be back with more soon.


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