Sunday, June 04, 2006

the kerala trip

The only thing I hate about going to kerala is the mode of transport I have to take- the private buses. They never start on time. They stop at some horrible place for dinner, where the bus staff gets anything they order for, free, and the passengers have to choose between bland chicken biriyani or hard chappathi and boiled veg curry for exhorbitant prices. And never reach on time. And all this for heavy price.

But I should agree for people like me who dont plan any thing in advance, - its good, u can run up there and get a ticket, if ur lucky enough u get a volvo.

Kerala was as I expected- freezed in time. Nothing new, everything with that good old feel. I guess soon kerala will be a museum where people from other states can visit to see how it was like before 'development'.

The rains ditched me. It was raining cats and dogs in kerala on the day I left from bangalore. Saturday was hot and humid. So was Sunday. Not even rain clouds in sight. :( and to add to it, it was raining in bangalore when I was in kerala. May be I should go after a few weeks to ctach the rains.

I always loved the rains of kerala, so strong and full. And i always wondered why it should be off season for tourists. Good that now they are doing something about it.

On other news, I joined this company. Interesting job. So far, so good.


Anonymous t3rmin4t0r said...

Where in kerala do you go to ?

1:54 AM  
Anonymous Gja said...

Congrats Dude!!!

Are you in B'lore?

Whens the treat ;)

So, do you get what you wanted out of your job?

5:08 AM  
Blogger mDemon said...

i went to alappuzha, changanasserry, and kochi.

thanks gja !
treat? sure, anytime.
prolly, next time u see me.

7:05 AM  

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