Wednesday, March 29, 2006

a little me

Time for a few useless facts about me.
On an average, I spend 10 mins a day searching for misplaced things, often to find them from the strangest places. The long list of often-misplaced-things include mobile, watch, remote control, car/bike keys, vallet, creditcards, house keys, bills and warranty cards.

I read more than one book at any given time. Now there are three books that i am reading. One on my table, one in the drawing room and one in the shelf near my bed. All at diffrent points stages of reading.

First one is blink, a wonderful study on rapid cognition. Its about how we think without thinking, about choices that are made in an instant.

Second one, Basheer-sampoornakrithikal is a malayalam short story collection by vaikkam muhammed basheer.

Third is The interpretation of dreams by Sigmund frued that needs no more explanations I guess.

Q: whats one plus one ?
A: A little bigger one.
Q: How is that ?
A: In the same way the two small streams of water join together to form a little bigger stream.
--Vaikkam Muhammed Basheer.


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