Saturday, August 05, 2006

interesting things

long time since i blogged. busy and lazy are two good enough reasons for it. If you guys are not satisfied with those reasons, let me know. I can come up with many more..

Many things happened around me- A whole set of blogs were banned because of the foolishness of some sarkari babus. The terrorists blasted trains in mumbai. And the railway minister came with a quick solution- ban non passengers to the platform. Now the terrorists will have to spend more than Rs 3, maybe Rs 5 and get a ticket to the next station if they want to plant a bomb in a railway station.

Okay here are a few interesting things.
Do a search for therapy products in Google. The results are a little unexpected.

Next is this pic. taken at Contonment railway station, Bangalore

Gods have some interesting uses in india. :)


Anonymous Tejas Dinkar said...

First Post!!!

I see yahoo is popular as ever

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Praveen A said...

Great to see you back on blogshpere...

Hmmm That google search was interesting.

Another interesting post about google search


11:47 PM  

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