Wednesday, March 29, 2006

CNN IBN and Eye on Bangalore

I like this channel, CNN IBN. They are not so straight jacketed as BBC or NDTV and not soap operas like star or sahara. They are aggressive and full of josh. They are young and fun. As their leitmotif says, whatever it takes ! See their website, its pretty interactive, and surprise surprise, they have blogs too ! I would say thats the right direction that media should take- it should understand that blogging can compliment the mainstream media. But, even now some of the media, often publish reports on blogs not with the right interests.

And this whole week, CNN IBN has thier special program called eye on bangalore. If you are from bangalore, you wouldnt want to miss it, would you ?

Talking about blogging complimenting the media, read riverbend's blog, to know about the daily life of a iraqi woman. Its sad. Its been nominated for the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, the world’s richest non-fiction award.


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