Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yesterday I was handling a photography workshop in my office for the photography enthusiasts. Only when people started asking me doubts i knew that i really *knew* something about it.

i somehow had this impression that everyone knew about photography. I thought it was kind of a knowledge that u get from your surroundings, like the things that you learn as a kid- somthing like you should respect your elders, you should wash ur hands before and after you eat ( i have found an alternative to this when i grew older, Now, I wash my hands two times after food so as to avoid the before- eat wash:-) )
From my 5th std, i have been playing around with cameras, film rolls, development, darkroom, bromide papers, enlargers, photo finishing etc. Its customary in our family for any kid to spend their summer vacations in my grand fathers studio.
When we ( me, my cousins and gang) attended a wedding function sometime back, there was this photographer who was showing off too much. He was trying to take a group photograph of ours in an open place. You can imagine his shock when my 11 year old cousin suggested that he should try a different angle or use a flash since the back light is too bright!

I discovered that when I am caught in a traffic Jam I can park the bike in the road, cross the road and buy a pack of cigerettes and come back before the lights change, with out creating a block to other guys. it requires some time sense to do that, but there is enough and more time.

This traffic is getting too much on my head i guess. I have started making PeeeeeeeeeeeeeeePPPeeeeeee or KiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiKKKKiiiiiiiiiiii noises if the person ahead of me in the lunch queue at office does not move. Man, you should have seen that lady's face when I did that !


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