Sunday, December 25, 2005

emotional values of a design

A few weeks back I made this design, printed it on a T-shirt, and presented it to our boss, at his farewell party- on behalf of our team.

(me, raghav,sridhar, kishore,pavan, satya, mathew, JV, Aby, Arun, KK)

After giving it I asked him if the size of the Tshirt was right for him. He said it didnt matter as he did'nt have any plans to wear it. I was slightly disappointed by that. He is not going to wear the Tshirt that I made especially for him, after a lot of thought and taking all the efforts.
He continued with a shy smile, " I won't be able to show this to my grand children if I wear it. "

Only then i knew how much he valued it. I was really touched. I dont think will be able to forget the lesson that incident taught me.- For me it was just a design, but for him that was a momento that he will preserve till his lastday - as a treasure-with found memories of the days he spend with us and the company.

Note to self: Always take extreme care when you design something- It might be just another design for you, but the moment it leaves your hands, it will have values and heavy emotions attached to it.


Anonymous Thejesh GN said...

Good design...I will use it sometime(ofcourse with our fotos)!

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Tejas Dinkar said...

That photo is brilliant.

Keep it up dude!!!!

You Rock!!

4:46 AM  

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