Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Click now, Focus later

How many times have you thought, "I should have focused here than there! " ?

Ren Ng, a graduate student at Stanford University has developed a hand-held plenoptic camera which takes a shot first and allows you to focus later, using a software. The prototype camera is sixteen megapixel, and produces images of 300x300.It has an array of microlenses mounted in front of the sensor. These microlenses create a unique image on the sensor surface which includes not only the amount of light deposited at that location, but how much light arrives along each ray. The image is then reconstructed in software and a focus point can be chosen.

So, dont wait to focus, just go ahead and click. Focusing can be done later. This should be of great help in macro photography, where the DOF is very less. Also in low light conditions where again the DOF is less.

This is just awesome.

see some videos (wmv format) here. more details here. A simple and detailed explanation at wired.


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