Tuesday, December 13, 2005

whats in a beard ?

well, i get bored of myself sometimes. I mean bored of my looks. everyday you wake up, wash your face and look in the mirror and see the same face. how boring !

How exciting it would be to wake up to a different face every morning ! you wake up, wash your face and peek into the mirror to see a new face ! with a long beard or blue eyes ! but since that doesnot happen very often, i keep experimenting with my hair, beard, mush and anything that can be modified. So i shave off all the stuff sometimes, grow a beard, trim my hair, grow it long and anything thats possible. The latest thing in my kitty is this french beard. iam getting bored of this too. So i was thinking of innovative ways to change my looks.

In the process i just googled for french beard and the first thing i knew was its not called a french beard outside india, its a goatee or royale.

Wikipedia tell me that, the name french beard in India is from the British, as it was historically worn by French officers.

it also dug up a whole lot of facts about french beard.. the web never ceases to amaze me !

did you know that there is a discussion board that is dedicated to beard ? or there are huge religious issues about just a beard ? or there are so many different styles to choose from ?

heck, they even have a site for goatee, and haikus about it !

I never knew, my humble goatee/royale/frenchbeard has so much in it ! so i decided to keep it for a while, till the next wave of same-old-face thought hits me again.

Does God have a goatee ?


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