Tuesday, February 01, 2005

why am I like me ?

There are some particular ways one behaves in any given situation.
It is decided by his long term experience, knowledge, impulse, thoughts, mood etc

I have decided to rethink- analyse all my responses and behaviours.
why am I like me ?
Iam starting with the most obvious ones and going into the deeper levels of simplicity
analysing even the most minutest of my behaviours.

some questions i ask myself are :
why do i like to sit in the side seat in a bus ?
why do i like soft music ?
what is my response when a stranger smiles at me? why is it so?
Why do I want to rethink ?
whats the benefit out of it ?

like that, 1000s of questions. i ask them myself and try to find an answer.
then i reconsider if it is right to do so. if its wrong, how can i correct it ?

so, this is not a small job. its going to take me some time to finish this exercise.
and at the end of this, i will be changed.

Metamorphosis. completely.
my looks.
my thoughts.
my styles.
my mannerisms.
and what not?

thats one thing that iam least afraid of.


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