Tuesday, February 15, 2005

rethink@30 !

My program "rethink@30" is doing well. It has started reaping the rich dividends.
All through these days, there were heavy mood swings, some times iam sad, sometimes iam funny, sometimes iam depressed, sometimes iam angry, sometimes iam pissed off, etc etc.

It all depends on your thoughts; what will you do when you find some basic things you did all through your life was wrong ?

i have made a long list of discoveries of myself and my nature.

some are

1) I found that there are spots in my body which i didnt care enough for the last 25 years.
2) I found that in casual talks i dont complete my sentences.
3) I found that i nodded my head too much
thats just a start, i can go on..

so iam changing. The idea is to correct anything that i found myself doing the old style immideatly. If i decide that i shouldnt be doing it this way any more, iam stopping it from right then.

I dunno how much time i will take to complete this whole process, i keep discovering new things day after day.

So after this rethink@30 program, i will be able to equip myself better in this rat race.


Blogger Aby said...

Its all these, that make you. Why change them :-) We like you the way you are...:-)

Where are those sexy sunglasses....it is missing these days....

5:21 AM  

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