Friday, February 25, 2005

Another Mess: Online Contact Databases

online names databases
I never liked this idea, because of many reasons.

Below you find a ready made email which i send to the sender when i receive a request from him to fill in my name and details in some online database. People might think Iam arrogant, but I believe what I do is right.

Online contact databases are a derived and more intelligent version of websites offering you
free gifts like DVD players if you could refer 5 of your friends to their network. I know a few guys who subscribed and they still are awaiting their gifts !

You are receiving this automated reply because I received multiple invites from an unidentified email id ()quoting your name , inviting me to fill my details in an online contacts database.

I am sorry that I cannot fulfill your request.
i do not want to fill my name and other contact details in an online form because

1) There are so many portals offering this service and if 15 of my friends choose different ones,
I will end up filling 15 forms.

2) Storing my details on an online contacts database is not completely safe

3) Some of the companies, collect my details like address, phone number , email address
and in some case even credit card numbers and other personal details and sell them to 3rd parties for a price. As per the current market rate an indian email id can fetch you Rs 3/-.

4) These sites spam my mail box with request after request when dont fill their forms ( I have even received 6th and 7th requests !)

5) They phish the senders email address, They send me mails as if they are coming from an email id thats known to me.

6) You dont bother to store your friends address by yourself, and want me to do that for you !

so, please bear with me.
If you think I have valid point, please dont subscribe to such frauds, store an addressbook on your system and backup frequently if you use a windows box !.

thanks and regards
Mailer deamon


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